Rosa Robles leaves sanctuary for new life without fear

A press conference exploded into a celebration November 11 at Southside Presbyterian Church in Tucson, as Rosa Robles Loreto and her family entered the sanctuary. Cameras clicked and flashed while parishioners and supporters applauded and chanted “Rosa! Rosa!” Beaming boys in baseball uniforms, members of Rosa’s son José Emiliano’s team, followed the family into the crowded room. Continue reading Rosa Robles leaves sanctuary for new life without fear

November update/appeal

On November 2, people throughout the Americas celebrated Day of the Dead, remembering their loved ones. In Tucson, another annual commemoration of those who have passed, the All Souls Procession, is a community mass-participation event that borrows heavily from the Day of the Dead tradition. As they do every year, No More Deaths volunteers and supporters will be marching in the Procession this Sunday specifically to memorialize those who lost their lives crossing the Arizona desert this year. Continue reading November update/appeal

Streamline bus stoppers speak out at sentencing

This article by Dorothy Chao appears in our fall newsletter. Chao attended the July 20, 2015 sentencing of 12 local people (some of them No More Deaths volunteers) who chained themselves to the wheels of two buses carrying undocumented migrants to federal court in Tucson on October 11, 2013. The protesters stopped federal marshals from taking the group to Operation Streamline, a fast-track proceeding that sentences migrants to prison for illegal entry. In March, Pima County Justice Court Judge Susan Bacal found the defendants guilty of obstructing a highway and creating a public nuisance.

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