Where is ICE leaving Nogales deportees’ money behind?

Every day, ICE scoops up people of Mexican origin from federal, state, and local jails and takes them to the border. Their funds do not go with them. In the first half of 2017, people deported to Nogales recovered $117,532.04 from their jail accounts through our unique “check-cashing service.” Volunteers have developed multiple recovery methods to use based on whether a person was deported with an unusable check, debit card, or neither. Continue reading Where is ICE leaving Nogales deportees’ money behind?

Fall fundraising appeal

Dear friends of No More Deaths,

The Border Patrol raided our camp on June 15. Armed agents entered the clinic and took four patients from under our medical team’s care. The raid was a violation of a long-standing agreement not to interfere with our work, but it drove home the fact that our government—at the highest levels—is determined to go after undocumented people no matter their circumstances. Continue reading Fall fundraising appeal

In memory of Father Jerry

Jerry Zawada—nuclear resister, peace-and-justice activist, Franciscan friar—died on the morning of July 25 at the age of eighty. Father Jerry started the Dignity Bag project, a collaboration between No More Deaths and other groups. The project raised money to buy sturdy canvas tote bags, made by the women of the DouglaPrieta Works sewing cooperative, for use by people deported to Nogales. Continue reading In memory of Father Jerry