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Wrap-up of 2014 volunteer program

This article by volunteer-program coordinators Allison Semmler and Tyler Espinoza appeared in our fall newsletter.

As temperatures in the Sonoran desert rose to over 100 degrees in early June, No More Deaths welcomed the first group of summer volunteers. By the end of the summer program on October 24, over seventy-five volunteers from around the country will have given humanitarian aid at the Arivaca desert camp and the Migrant Resource Center in Agua Prieta, Sonora. Continue reading Wrap-up of 2014 volunteer program

No More Deaths’s Gaza solidarity aims to end US border militarization

As a long-term ceasefire sets in over Gaza this week, 51 days of death and destruction leave a grisly toll: at least 2,100 Palestinians are dead, mainly civilians, including more than 500 children, and 11,000 have been injured. A staggering 89 whole families have been wiped out. Additionally, five Israeli civilians, including one child, and 64 soldiers have died since Israel’s massive military assault on the Gaza Strip began. One third of Gaza’s 1.8 million residents are left homeless; Israel destroyed at least 17,000 homes. Continue reading No More Deaths’s Gaza solidarity aims to end US border militarization

Update on dangerous deportations

Recently thousands of people from throughout the US put Janet Napolitano on notice that concerned residents will continue to try to transform the Department of Homeland Security’s practices of dangerous deportations including deportations into cartel strongholds. We at No More Deaths continue to monitor deportation practices and are attempting to support individuals who contact us with stories of abuse and threats. Continue reading Update on dangerous deportations