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Fall fundraising appeal

Dear friends of No More Deaths,

The Border Patrol raided our camp on June 15. Armed agents entered the clinic and took four patients from under our medical team’s care. The raid was a violation of a long-standing agreement not to interfere with our work, but it drove home the fact that our government—at the highest levels—is determined to go after undocumented people no matter their circumstances. Continue reading Fall fundraising appeal

A letter to our community and a call to action

Last Monday night, more than 50 members of the No More Deaths community gathered in a church in Tucson. We came together to strategize on the impacts of the Trump administration’s plans to target the US undocumented community with mass deportations, to revoke DACA, and to increase border militarization. As always, we closed our meeting with a moment of silence, thinking of those who have lost their lives crossing the border. Continue reading A letter to our community and a call to action