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A letter to our community and a call to action

Last Monday night, more than 50 members of the No More Deaths community gathered in a church in Tucson. We came together to strategize on the impacts of the Trump administration’s plans to target the US undocumented community with mass deportations, to revoke DACA, and to increase border militarization. As always, we closed our meeting with a moment of silence, thinking of those who have lost their lives crossing the border. Continue reading A letter to our community and a call to action

Deportation steals. Take action to stop it

Hundreds of thousands of immigrants each year are dumped at the Mexico border and permanently expelled without their most basic belongings: their money, identification documents, cell phones, important phone numbers, photos and keepsakes. From the border they must find a way to travel to their place of origin in Mexico—with nothing. You can act right now to help stop this travesty. Continue reading Deportation steals. Take action to stop it

Take action: Support Rosa Robles in sanctuary in Tucson

Dear No More Deaths supporters,

Three months ago we came to you and asked for your support to stop the pending deportation of Daniel Neyoy Ruiz.  Thanks to you, Daniel is Scan_20140812at home with his family in Tucson, Arizona.

Just last week another community member, Rosa Robles Loreto, took sanctuary at Southside Presbyterian Church so that she could stay with her family rather than be deported. I hope that you will read Rosa’s message, learn more about her and her family, and then take action to keep her family together.

In solidarity,

Sarah Launius, No More Deaths volunteer